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Gushing with Thanks

If you haven't heard, greenSinner is expanding! We're currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise some capital to rehabilitate an overgrown hillside overlooking the Parkway into an urban flower farm. There have been a few great write-ups and stories about what's going on, in the Tribune-Review, on NextPittsburgh, and in the SLOW Flowers podcast. We've been touched by the support you all have given us: customers, students, colleagues, neighbors, and family. For our goal, we just picked a number we knew would be a stretch ($10,000), and we've been delighted that we are (as of the moment I'm writing this) 37% of the way there. We'd love to make that goal (but even if we don't, every little bit helps). Your funding helps us transform this site into a flower farm, but also it enables us to keep doing what we love and bring more beauty, creativity, and sustainability to our city, which for us is the best part.

In a few weeks, after the dust settles, we'll share more of our future plans for this site and what it will evolve into. Meanwhile, we've still got a few days left to raise money! If you've been thinking about it but haven't given yet, you've got until midnight on Tuesday, January 27. Our most popular reward so far has been our Flower CSA half share, which gets you a bouquet of fresh, local flowers every other week from July to frost for $120. (These will still be available after the crowdfunding campaign closes, but the price goes up, so get them now!) We also have a great selection of other rewards: a t-shirt, seeds and plants, spots in our terrarium classes, and more. Check it out!

And if you wouldn't mind, share this with any of your friends you think would be interested in supporting local agriculture. We couldn't do this without all of you!

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