The Toilet Dilemma

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Q: What do you with a drunken sailor? A: Shave his belly with a rusty razor. Q: What do you do with a old white toilet? A: I have no clue…   I’m trying my best to be as green as possible while remodeling my house. I have used as much salvage goods as possible…. Read more »

Deck update: It’s still not done

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We’ve both been out of town a lot lately for work (and barely seen each other, let alone got any projects done). But a few weeks back we were here, and did make some progress on the deck. We got all of the part that’s going away taken down, and a new set of stairs… Read more »

Salvaged lumber

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3 Vendémiaire: Châtaigne (Chestnut) The eastern part of what is now the United States used to be full of the American chestnut tree. It largely died out due to a fungus known as chestnut blight  but there are a few places you can still find them growing. (I read in the Wikipedia article that there… Read more »

Sketching designs

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You can talk about designs all you want, but ultimately you need to sketch them out to get an idea of what they look like. That was definitely the case with our designs for the deck. Pencil and paper are great, especially when you’re trying lots of different ideas. (Actually, I like to use a… Read more »

Re-Designing the Deck

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You may have already read that we’re tearing apart the deck, for a variety of reasons. As is, it’s a large space, but it’s not very well-defined. Here’s what the deck looked like to begin with (click to embiggen). It’s right outside the back door, just off the kitchen. It’s large, spanning most of the… Read more »

Why We’re Tearing Apart a Perfectly Good Deck

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Well, it’s “perfectly good” in that it’s structurally sound and not rotten or falling apart. But it’s less than ideal in a few other ways. It completely blocks the view of the back yard from the back of the house. Besides blocking the view, the railing is ugly and unsteady. (Please ignore my jiggling belly.)… Read more »