Christmas Tree Composting

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If you have a live Christmas tree, what do you do with it after the holidays are done? The halls are un-decked and the decorations are put away, so what happens to the naked, needle-dropping tree still sitting in the living room? If you live in the City of Pittsburgh, don’t put your Christmas tree… Read more »

You Must Be the Flower Farmer

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We started “greenSinner” with an idea: we wanted to help people be green, in realistic ways. Most folks want to do what’s right for the environment, but getting there — or even figuring out what the “right” thing is — isn’t always easy. We started with this idea, not really sure what it would become…. Read more »

The Toilet Dilemma

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Q: What do you with a drunken sailor? A: Shave his belly with a rusty razor. Q: What do you do with a old white toilet? A: I have no clue…   I’m trying my best to be as green as possible while remodeling my house. I have used as much salvage goods as possible…. Read more »

Flower Farmers

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We’ve got big plans: we’re becoming urban flower farmers and designers. Why Urban Farming? Pittsburgh, like lots of industrial cities, has undergone a lot of contraction in the last 30-40 years. It’s done a pretty swell job at reinventing itself focusing around new industries like healthcare and education rather than steel and glass — there’s… Read more »

How long do we expect electronics to last?

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I generally like TreeHugger, but this article about the new iPad pisses me off. I like Apple products. I own several. But I’m not a raving sycophant — if you love your Windows computer or your Android phone, great. Apple has taken broad steps to eliminating harmful chemicals and other ways to make its products… Read more »

Pittsburgh’s New Agricultural Zoning Ordinance

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The details of the City Council meeting today aren’t available yet, but the new zoning ordinance is listed with a status of “Mayor’s Office for Signature”, so it sounds like it’s passed. I heard quite a bit of buzz about this last fall when there was a public hearing (summary from PopCity), but then it… Read more »