Garden Clubs

Classes for garden clubs in Pittsburgh, from cut flower gardening to a peek inside the cut flower industry and more.

Garden Club Classes

We offer a number of classes to garden clubs. These lectures and workshops are led by our talented team of instructors, who are professional flower farmers and florists.


The following lectures are available for garden clubs. Lectures are typically 45 minutes and are priced at a flat fee of $300, plus mileage to your location.

  • Inside the Cut Flower Industry: Have you ever thought about where the cut flowers for sale at the grocery store or the florist were grown? This is a fascinating look inside the history and evolution of the flower industry, tied in with some local Pittsburgh history.
  • Cut Flower Gardening: What kinds of flowers can you cut from your yard and use in arrangements? When and how should you harvest? Learn about varieties you can grow in the landscape to use to dress up the inside of the house with cut flower arrangements.
  • Perennials: Basics and New Introductions: Review some basics of growing perennials and learn about our favorite varieties, new and old.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Houseplants: Do you struggle with houseplants? Is there one that gives you trouble? Learn how to care for different kinds of houseplants to keep them happy.
  • Plant Focus: Citrus: Citrus is our favorite fruiting houseplant, and it's surprisingly easy to grow. Learn all about how to care for a lemon, lime, or other citrus plant in our climate.
  • Plant Focus: Dahlias: Dahlias are beautiful, but choosing and growing them can sometimes be tricky. Learn the secrets from a professional flower farmer.
  • Plant Focus: Succulents & Cacti: Which ones are hardy? How do you take care of them? Learn all about this fascinating class of plants.
  • Plant Focus: Carnivorous Plants: There are just a handful of plants in the world adapted to eating insects and other creatures. Why and how do they do it? What kinds can you grow at home? Learn all about them.


We can also conduct one of our workshops for garden clubs. Workshops are typically 60–90 minutes and are priced per person, inclusive of all materials, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 25 participants. There is an additional mileage fee for travel to your location.

  • Terrarium Workshop: Build a tiny world under glass. $35/person. Participants bring a glass container of their choice.
  • Succulent Wreath Workshop: Create a living wreath from succulents. $50/person.
  • Botanical Cocktails Demonstration and Tasting: Learn about the botanical origins of cocktail ingredients, with a demo and tasting of three drinks around a theme. $35/person.
  • Bulb Forcing Workshop: Grow bulbs to brighten up your winter. $25/person. Available December–March.
  • Arranging with the Seasons: Learn to arrange flowers with seasonal, locally grown flowers. $75/person. Available June–October.
  • Flower Crown Workshop: Create a flower crown. $75/person.
  • Floral Jewelry Workshop: Learn to make botanical jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. $75/person.
  • Christmas Wreath Workshop: Decorate a wreath to adorn your door for the holidays. $75/person. Available November–December.


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