Follow these easy steps to care for your terrarium.


Terrariums are one of our specialties at greenSinner — a way to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Already have a terrarium?

Here are our basic care instructions for terrariums.

Your terrarium is easy to care for. It’s basically a self-contained world, but you do have to monitor it and apply a little godlike control over its weather by following these instructions.

Tropical terrariums (wet environment)

Light: Indirect — don’t put it in a window!

Water: You need to manage how “wet” the inside of the terrarium is, depending on how the temperature and humidity change over time in the room in which it’s located. If your terrarium has a lid, it keeps more moisture in.

If you see fog on the inside of the glass, take the lid off and let it dry a few hours.

If it looks or feels dry to the touch inside, add a little water until you see moisture in the gravel at the bottom (a tablespoon at a time for larger terrariums, just a few drops at a time for tiny ones).

Succulent terrariums (dry environment)

Light: Bright, up to full sun. If moving into full sun, slowly expose to more sunlight over the course of several days to avoid sunburned leaves.

Water: Never cover a succulent terrarium — it may create high humidity conditions that are deadly to succulents. Let the soil dry completely between waterings, and water sparingly near the roots only when the soil is completely dry. If you can see any moisture in the soil, do not add water.