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Can you see yourself here?

Can you see yourself here?

Sustainable. Beautiful. Personal.  

We are greenSinner and we are many things.  Ordinary is not one of them.

Fun. Passionate. Inclusive. Creative. Client-Driven. Attentive. Collaborative. Snarky. Craftspeople. High- Energy. Driven. Witty. Forward-Thinking. Open- Minded. Hiring.

We're accepting applications on an ongoing basis for part-time on-site work. Enter more info below, if you're interested in joining our team!

Check out @greensinnerunfiltered on Instagram for some examples of what life is like as a member of our team!


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I enjoy being creative and working with other creative people
I work well with others
I can identify the difference between weeds and flowers and act accordingly
I enjoy taking directions on the fly
I am comfortable working in a diverse and highly inclusive team environment
Sweeping is rewarding
I love a well-stocked snack area at my workplace
Creative people terrify me
I have an eye for detail
Long walks to the compost pile excite me
Taking initiative is second nature to me
I believe in the old adage that "dirt don't hurt"
I may not be instinctually creative, but I enjoy working with others who are
I am looking for part time, varying work hours
I need full time work
Washing dishes can be a source of stress relief
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