Local & Sustainable Florist

greenSinner brings you local, sustainable cut flowers and plants. We love fresh flowers (don’t you?), but we don’t love that they come from Ecuador drenched in chemicals (yuck). We’re trying to make the world — our world and yours — a little greener and a little more beautiful.

We grow flowers right here in western PA and source as many materials and plants as we can in a 500-mile radius. Not only is it better for the environment, but you also get fresher flowers and more local and unusual varieties. Beyond flowers, we focus on vintage or re-purposed containers and event decor and sustainable practices.


Farm Expansion

We’re expanding! Our tiny urban microfarm in Lawrenceville is overflowing, so we’ve acquired a 4-acre property in Observatory Hill we’re transforming into an urban flower farm. We’re raising capital by offering flower deliveries, plant collections, and our 2015 flower CSA via an IndieGoGo campaign. We appreciate your support and spreading the word!

Read this great feature in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about us and the farm: Urban Flower Farms Gain Momentum in Pittsburgh