About Us

greenSinner's background, philosophy, and staff.

About Us

greenSinner does things a little differently. We’re a florist, but we’re really about something more than that: designing memorable event experiences for guests in using smart and sustainable practices. It's not about the flowers; it's about the memories you create.

Our Team

Jimmy Lohr  - Chief Eccentric Officer

Jimmy Lohr - Chief Eccentric Officer

Jonathan Weber  - Farmer-General

Jonathan Weber - Farmer-General

Rose Kocher  - Storytelling Stylist

Rose Kocher - Storytelling Stylist

Tamra Birchfield  - Girl Friday & Eventologist

Tamra Birchfield - Girl Friday & Eventologist

Gladys Kocher  - Studio Mom

Gladys Kocher - Studio Mom

Molly Krichten  - Sinner-at-Large

Molly Krichten - Sinner-at-Large

In the News

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