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Deck update: It's still not done

We've both been out of town a lot lately for work (and barely seen each other, let alone got any projects done). But a few weeks back we were here, and did make some progress on the deck. We got all of the part that's going away taken down, and a new set of stairs built. First, we removed all the decking from the area.

Then we worked on removing the railing where the new stairs would go. It was "decorated" with a random collection of tiles glued to plywood and was quite a pain to get out of there.

Then we got the old joists and beam cut out (we decided not to save the beam after all). It really opened things up. Here you can see Jimmy proudly standing in the great big hole where deck used to be!

And finally, we built some stairs, which apparently I forgot to snap a shot of. But they come straight out from the back door, about where I'm kneeling in this picture. (You can see more awful artsy tile patchwork on the right. That'll be going as well.)

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