Wedding flowers for weddings in Pittsburgh and beyond. Locally grown and sustainably sourced.

Weddings & Events

When people ask, we always say, “Hell yes, we do weddings!”, because we love to work with you to fulfill your vision for the biggest and most beautiful party you’ll ever throw.

We really work with you to understand what turns you on design-wise and come up with creative ideas that fit within your budget. We call Jimmy the “idea hamster” because he runs around his little wheel and ideas come out. Describe what you like or show us some pictures and we’ll devise a theme for your flowers, whether it’s “enchanted forest” or “playful but elegant”.

We can be there to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day. We’ll set up and take down the arrangements for you if you need us to, and we’ll even be around to help pin on the boutonniéres (because nobody ever knows how to do it when the time comes, and besides, everybody’s a little too nervous to be wielding sharp pins with confidence).

We also have extensive experience in planning events. If you need some advice, suggestions for venues, or connections to local vendors, we can help.

Green & Sustainable Weddings

Our specialty is using locally grown and sustainably produced flowers for your arrangements. This could range from incorporating some seasonally-appropriate flowers into table arrangements and garlands, all the way up to a 100% local wedding where we choose available varieties and source everything locally.

Theme Suggester

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