Piebird’s Triple Gingersnap

For the 2016 Cookie Tour we got our cookies from Piebird, just down the street in Lawrenceville. Here’s the recipe. Triple Gingersnaps 2 c. AP flour 1 1/2 t. baking soda 1/2 t. salt 2 t. cinnamon 1/2 t. fresh ground pepper 1 T. chopped crystallized ginger 1/2 t. dry ginger 1/2 t. grated fresh ginger 11

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Supporting Pittsburgh Urban Agriculture Zoning

If you haven’t heard, there are proposed changes (pdf) to Pittsburgh’s urban agriculture zoning. (Here’s a great, plain-language explanation from Grow Pittsburgh (pdf) if you don’t love zoning codes quite as much as I do.) There was a Planning Commission hearing this week, where the proposed changes passed unanimously. The next step is a vote in City

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Gushing with Thanks


If you haven’t heard, greenSinner is expanding! We’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise some capital to rehabilitate an overgrown hillside overlooking the Parkway into an urban flower farm. There have been a few great write-ups and stories about what’s going on, in the Tribune-Review, on NextPittsburgh, and in the SLOW Flowers podcast. We’ve

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All About Air Plants


Air plants are an interesting curiousity: they don’t require soil to grow. Often people think this means you can just shove them on a shelf like a tchatchke and never care for them again, but like other plants they do still need light and moisture. Here’s the low-down. What are they? Air plants are in

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Momma Rose’s Mango Ginger Cookies

The Lawrenceville Joy of Cookies came around again this year at the beginning of December. The weather wasn’t as cooperative as last year, though we still went through a number of cookies, including some of last year’s Kicker Doodles, peanut butter–chocolate chip (sorry, that recipe’s a secret of our pastry-chef friend), and these amazing little

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I’ll show you blue orchids

Have you ever seen those blue orchids they sell in stores? Whenever I overhear someone say, “I saw the prettiest blue orchid the other day,” I shudder. “They aren’t actually blue,” I say. I can’t help myself. “They dye them that color. If you look closely, you can see the spot on the stem where

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Wedding Bouquets on KDKA

We’re in the current Whirl Wedding Guide in a feature on wedding bouquets. As part of the “Whirl Wednesdays” segment, another of our wedding bouquets was featured on Pittsburgh Today Live on KDKA this morning. Here’s the video: It’s made of mauve duchess roses (the large roses, which are 3-4 roses put together to make them

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New Year, new happenings

We’re very excited about our first full year of growing and selling flowers. But like the flowers, we’re retreating for the winter and building up our reserves to burst forth in the spring. Last week, we regrouped from the holidays and got the greenhouse organized. For the month of January, we’ll be on hiatus from

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